GrannaLi’s heritage is always bound to its Italian-American traditions. With our company’s founders being 3rd generation Sicilians, living in Brooklyn, we couldn’t be more delighted with the country of our newest designer’s origins. Yes, you guessed, our new footwear designer Alberto Perrelli is an Italian American!

A little reminder to our customers: lately he was appointed as a new designer to our sports footwear company.while he was in Toronto. We sat down to find out what he’s been up to, his most challenging sneaker designs and his future plans at.It’s been a truly information-rich interview this time around, and we learned a great deal of news about his latest work on Kevin Durant’s signature shoes line. As well as his beginnings as a sports footwear designer, his time at the Rhode Island School of Design and much more.

I enrolled myself into footwear design because I had my kicks with the sports, sportswear, and the sports footwear well since seventh grade. I used to be a quarterback on my high school team, then at my University campus. loved Nikes. For me, it wasn’t just shoes. It was Nikes because of the innovation and the ingenious designs they always did. It wasn’t affordable for me because Nikes were so premium and I didn’t have that much money back then. So I’ve always wanted those sports shoes.
It was something I desired. I saw that all my friends had it and I was also into drawing so I put the two together – design, art, and shoes. It wasn’t until I went to college (Rhode Island School of Design) that I kind of forgot about it..

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