It was something I desired. I saw that all my friends had it and I was also into drawing so I put together – design, art, and shoes. It wasn’t until I went to college (Rhode Island School of Design) that I forgot about it…
All because I didn’t think it would ever happen. But then industrial design came up as a major option for me and on one of the presentation slides they actually had a shoe on there. I was like, “Ok, I’m going back to my initial dream”.

GrannaLi’s heritage is always bound to its Italian-American traditions. With our company’s founders being 3rd generation Sicilians, living in Brooklyn, we couldn’t be more delighted with the country of our newest designer’s origins. Yes, you guessed, our new footwear designer Alberto Perrelli is an Italian American!
So tonight we caught up with a former Nike Basketball Footwear Design Director Alberto Perrelli while he was in Toronto. We sat down to find out what he’s been up to, his most challenging sneaker designs and his future plans at GrannaLi’s.


Why Basketball department was where you wanted to work at Nike?

It was an inspired decision. As I finished my football “career” at the high school, and during the time I started working at Nike I spent a lot of time with former basketball players… Also, there are only two kinds of sports shoes that I love the most: running shoes and basketball shoes, so it’s great it worked out that way…

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  1. Great value, easy to follow instructions. I read the reviews and was pleased to see such positive reports of this company.

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